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1. Hi Richard, hope your well - lets start off with the new Superfreq Express album, why is now the right time for you to release your first mix compilation in seven years ?

I’m great thanks, enjoying promoting my new CD.

7 years is a long time but I just didnt feel inclined to do a mix before this. Right now theres a good buzz about my DJ sets & Superfreq is going from Strength to strength in London & Im doing lots of Superfreq events overseas. The label is now 2 years old & weve just switched distributor so now just seemed like the perfect time to do a Superfreq mix CD that is the 1st CD on the label.


2. Do you have any plans to work on some new material of your own?

Yes, I’ve just done 1 track called Angel that is my 1st solo effort in 2 years & in memory of my mother that you can find on the CD. The mix on the CD is the dub, Ive done a fuller mix with lush strings & disco melodies to which Dirtcrew will be remixing for a future Superfreq EP.

I’ve also been recording with Adultnapper under the name Sycophant Slag’s for the last 3 years & we have EPs ready for release on both Superfreq & hallucination Ltd in the States.

3. Superfreq on Sundays has just recently moved down into The End after spending a year in AKA, what do you think of clubbing in general in the capital at the moment ? and how does that compare with your view on clubbing on a global scale....?

The move downstairs was to make Superfreq louder, darker & clubbier & has proved to be a very popular move indeed.

London completely rocks. I can honestly say in my 20 years of spinning at top level London has never been better. London has always been the best party city in the world & now since the change in the booze laws it’s streets ahead of any other city in the world.


4. Ibiza 2007 can we expect more Superfreq at DC10 ?

I’m still not sure where Superfreq will be.

I’m exploring 3 other options right now & won’t know for sure where Superfreq will be until the end of next month.


5. You've played at Circo Loco at DC10 quite a few times so why did you decide to do your own events there ? Was it the obvious move on from Underground a couple of years ago?

Well we left Underground on bad terms & it was Andrea Pelino that approached us to move there to fill in for Stink on Fridays which I didn’t want to do a Superfreq is a Wednesday thing so I suggested to Andrea that we do only the Wednesdays in September which we did.

Last year was the time to grow in Ibiza but I wish it’d had been planned rather than forced.


6. Your Underground parties used to have no door charge, are you a great believer in the " free party " vibe or were you just feeling generous.....

I wanted to give something back to the people of Ibiza as everywhere there is sooooo expensive. Sometimes it’s good to do things for love rather than money.

So in answer to your question I was just feeling generous.


7. We know your a " vinyl " lover, how many records do you actually own and where do you keep them all ! What do think of Ableton Live, Vinyl Scratch, Serato and all the mp3 driven technology.. ?

I own about 15000 records. I got rid of 8000 a few years back to make space.

I hate MP3s. they sound like shit unless theyre very well mastered which most DJs don’t do.

Ableton looks interesting, again if the files are well recorded but in all honesty, nothing sounds like the tiny microphone, which is the needle picking up & amplifying the sound or the room, people, monitors etc. the warmth is unparalleled. When digital technologies can replicate this then I’ll switch, in the meantime, people deserve the best sound possible, which is why I’ll be sticking to vinyl.


8.One of your famous quotes in an interview a few years ago was that " northerners have no class " when it comes to dress sense. Seeing as your probably one of the finer dressers in dance music what can we expect to see you draped in this summer?

Actually that was very tongue in cheek & northerners have lots of style.

I’m really into Dior Homme right now but I also love Westwood, McQueen, Undercover, D2 & Cassette Playa to name a few cool designers.


9. Can you explain the feeling you have when walking out onto a Glastonbury stage....

When you headlining the NME stage, last on on Saturday night & have 70,000+ nutters screaming it’s a feeling that cannot be paralleled. It a proper buzz & the feeling afterwards in a complete rush. WOW!


10. A massive Chelsea fan - can they do the quadruple this year ? Drogba or Dixon who is their greatest striker in your opinion..?

Yes we can still do the Quadruple if the Mancs get 2 draws in their last 9 games, my fingers are crossed.

Drogba is amazing but Kerry Dixon still rules as he did it without the back up the Drog has & let us not forget Zola eh?. I may change my mind about this 1 day.


11. Finally, its great to see your playing back in Norwich again, are we right in thinking the first time you ever played in the city was on a Monday night many years ago for a then UEA student by the name of Layo....

Hahahahahaha yes indeed. Layo was always involved in putting stuff on & he had to keep himself entertained when doing his degree so yes. Those were the days. (;

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