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Lisa Loud is without doubt the "The first lady of dance", with a phenomenal career that has spanned 15 years, Lisa is widely revered and admired as one of the UK's top female DJ's. With her extensive musical background and expertise, Lisa can ignite any party in the world, from the fashion Glitterati of Milan to the discerning floors of Ibiza. Lisa combines glamour, elegance and sophistication on the decks with her trade-mark of tribal infused tech house music - you can not fail to be seduced by Lisa's sounds!

As a youngster Lisa was always a fan of Dance music enthusiastically following the likes of Motown and collecting 12"s by her early teens. However her love affair with house music developed when fellow DJ and friend Paul Oakenfold persuaded her to jump on the other-side of the decks and learn the craft of DJ'ing. With a donation of records and Oakenfolds confidence, Lisa soon became his protégé. Opening up for him at legendary Clubs such as "Future" in the Soundshaft and "Spectrum" at Heaven. These clubs are regarded throughout the world along side Danny Ramplings smiley faced Shoom as the instigators of what has become the Global clubbing industry.

As the Scene soared it's way through the 90's, a nation of eager club promoters were born. Lisa had already established herself as a respected talent and her services as a DJ were in great demand, it was time for Lisa to spread her wings and embark upon new stomping ground! Lisa immediately became a regular fixture at parties hosted by the nations most charismatic promoters, the one and only Dave Beer of Back to Basics, James Baillie at Nottingham's Venus, the extraordinary Barry's from the Sugarshack in Middlesborough and Charlie Chester's well documented hedonistic Flying parties - all to name but a few. With these feathers in Lisa's cap the world was fast becoming her oyster.

Lisa has shared deck space, hedonistic nights and fuzzy mornings with the most alluring of superstar dj talent such as Coxy, Tong, Oakenfold, Emerson, Rampling, Fontaine, Seaman, Sasha, Digweed, Howells, Bliss, Tall Paul, Blocko & Peasy and rocked it every single time.

Lisa's style and grace on the decks has attracted interest from celebs and fashion houses of late recently Lisa was seen spinning in front of music biz glitteratti such as Justin Timberlake and the Darkness at Duran Duran's after Brits Party 2004! Some of you will also maybe remember Lisa being 'resident' DJ on Ian Wright's popular ITV show and will have also seen her presenting various TV shows (MTV/Rapture etc…) over the years … truly not just a pretty face!

At the turn of the century Lisa's life as a DJ became more jetset than ever, leaving the motorways of the UK behind somewhat and adopting air travel as her means of getting to and from a gig. These days Lisa is a fully fledged member of the international DJ's set with a diary comprising of shows from Eastern Europe to South East Asia, Miss Loud is officially having the time of her life.

Shows at Home - Sydney, La Belle,- Shanghai, Zouk - Singapore, 13 - Moscow, Stern Radio, Berlin, Various spots in Dubai, Istanbul, Bodrum, Eqypt, Amsterdam, Budapest and a healthy dose of the Med … Space, Pacha, Es Paradis and a Residency at Manumission in Ibiza, accompanied by a sprinkling of the UK's finer floors - Lisa now has a firm idea of the worldly offerings available and she loves it!

"I'm really excited about undiscovered territories, South East Asia and Eastern Europe are really exciting and edgy, there's a kind of anticipation in a market that's not saturated." Enthuses Lisa. Obviously this is a view that is shared …"Lisa has become somewhat of an ambassador of Eastern Europe, championing Russia's clubbing capital Moscow, as the most regularly featured DJ." (Sunday times style supplement)

In Lieu of Lisa's profile in the increasingly fashionable Moscow, Radio 1 requested Ms Loud as a spokesperson for a Sony award winning Radio 1 documentary, where she documented a fascinating incite of the upmarket and cosmopolitan lifestyle sweeping through the formerly repressed Soviet Union.

A six week tour of Asia in the Spring last year saw Lisa graced the decks at Centro - Singapore, The Embassy - Jakarta, Ministry of Sound - Bangkok, Nuovo - Kuala Lumpur, Fashion week in the Phillipines, followed by Slinky's annual beach party on the beautiful Island of Borocay. This sent a wave of anticipation throughout Australasia, which will became Lisa's home for the months of November December 03 and January 04. The British winter months will be traded in for Sunnier Climates, where shows included some fascinating destinations - China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, all of the aforementioned and New Zealand.

As if that wasn't enough Lisa has added some highly acclaimed productions to her long list of accomplishments, Her debut single "MILES FOR SOUND" on Plastica RED has been one of their biggest sellers to date. "If people want a tougher Tribal / Techy workout, we'll offer them Lisa's tune, which still sells now and was licensed to 6 Compilations throughout the world" Johnny Orange plastic fantastic.

A remix for Norman Cook's 'Southern Fried Records on Andrea Dorias's "Bucci Bag" is featured on the Base Bar /Hed Kandi Ibiza CD.

As one of the most coveted dj's Lisa's seductive, yet energetic performances win her unique accolades with some quotes from her extensive press files as follows…..

"Lisa loud follows Paul on the decks and gives the now hammered partygoers - models, agents, musica, fashionista and hangers on just what they want. Giant tunes the size of Godzilla's scaly cock. She works the floor like the expert she is before catching a plane back from the gorgeously glamorous Milan to Boring old blighty. Very Fashionable, Very Loud!" Seven magazine London

"When it comes to entertaining people, few can rival the lovely miss loud. Her frenetic club sets are characterised by her immense personality shining through, she looks stunning, but she's jumping around on stage. Shell spend hours chatting to clubbers, signing whatever is thrust her way and even parties with punters post gig. She's the peoples dj. The girls want to be her, the guys want to be with her.

Lisa delivers a dark, techy, grinding groove, tailored for long loud nights on packed dancefloors. It's all about cramped, underground clubs, screaming and chanting clubbers and never wanting to go home. It's a soundtrack to the coolest party of your life and everyone's invited. In short it rocks and above all IT'S LOUD!" M8 Magazine

"Not one of these droll down in the mouth DJ's who have their eyes transfixed on the faders instead of the floor. Lisa busily bounced around, juggling three decks and a mixer, larged it up with the crowd and autographed records for her adoring fans...........What a doll!!!!!!" Juice Magazine Kuala Lumpur.


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