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After meeting at The Hacienda in 1988, K-klass (Paul Roberts, Carl Thomas, Russ Morgan, and Andy Williams) made the groundbreaking Wildlife EP. It earned them an almost unique reputation for house and techno, a genre that hardly existed in the UK at the time. 1993 saw the release of their first album, Unversal, which further cemented their reputation, as well as allowing them to collaborate with the likes of The Smith's Johnny Marr and Andrew Wetherall. In 1999 they released their second album, K2
"We all met at the Hacienda in 1988. We had met before, though. Me and Carl had done some gigs in Chester supporting 808 State. Andy and Carl were already pretty established, but we had no gear at the time - it was basically an SH-101 and a little Tandy mixer.
"We took about five tracks to Eastern Bloc in Manchester, just to see what they thought. We didn't have a name for the band or anything, and the tracks were just numbers, but they were really keen, and we put it out on a white label. We were playing a lot of live shows at the time, and used to take along boxloads of stuff to sell, and it went down really well.". - PAUL ROBERTS

K-klass DJs’ Andy and Carl may have made their debut on decks around 1995, but they have been seducing dance floors for over a decade. The live gig has always been an essential facet of the K-klass history and their ubiquitous presence on the global touring circuit ensured a massive fan base well before they began putting needle to vinyl.
Their excursion into DJing however, has allowed them to explore new creative territories in a more spontaneous and unrestrained fashion, which as Andy maintains “…provides us with instantaneous gratification.”
The feisty duo on decks has collaborated in nurturing a highly accessible signature style that is a coalition of both past and present. They have always displayed a strong penchant for versatility and are not afraid to embrace a diverse range of styles to suit their ever-fragmenting audiences. However, seeping through each tailor made set is that distinctive K-klass trademark – that is a need to satisfy the crowd and a passion for music that is charged with feeling and emotion.
Although they have established a strong local fan base with regular appearances at Better Days at Bed Sheffield, Delicious Oswestry, and also featured on the Miss Moneypennies tour, they have perhaps received most recognition on the global fraternity. On the European level they have played D Club in Switzerland, Rise in Cyprus and Privilege in Ibiza whilst becoming familiar faces in the Far East having played at Venom, and the Purple beach party in Singapore, The Back Room in Malaysia, Live@ in Taiwan and Boom Bar in Hong Kong and just recently have come back from Club Zeppelin in Moscow where they went down a storm.

And when they’re not hopping from coast to coast, you may find them at their lavish Welsh studio, building upon their infallible reputation as one of the most sought after remixers and producers in the industry. As remixers, K-klass have lent their Midas touch to the most illustrious names in pop including B*witched, Sash, Bobby Brown, Another Level, New Order and The Corrs. They are also the driving force behind the production of Candi Staton’s album – which once again manifests a superlative talent in bridging that ambivalent gap between commercial pop and viable dance music.
Also, their band K-klass has also tasted success with five top forty hits, tracks such as “Rhythm Is A Mystery” which reached number 3 in the national charts and “Let Me Show You” which reached number 13, and in 1995 won the I.D.A best international Remixer award the first ever UK artist to do so.
Late last year projects included a two-track release with One Little Indian Records under the disguise of “The Pharmacy Allstars” and another two-track release with Junior Records “Baby Wants To Ride” Away from the studio they had a monthly residency at Bed in Sheffield with a club classic night called “Better Days” which they have now left when they though the time was right to move on.
Their last single “Talk 2 Me” released on Concept Recordings, reached number 1 in the MTV Dance Chart and number 2 in the UK Club chart. Their next single entitled “Now Your Gone” is set for release this summer.
With an ever-busy schedule, Carl and Andy continue to remain focused and enthusiastic in their every creative endeavor, and a natural flare to empathize with the miscellaneous audiences they expose themselves to; guarantees repeat appearances on dance floors once they have made their stunning debut.


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