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If you haven't heard of the Dollz At Play by now then you've been hiding under a rock for the last couple of years. The Dollz continue their proliferation of the dance music world in their own unique style by completely capturing the imagination of the unsuspecting masses. On top of holding down their residencies at Superfreq at The End in London on Sundays & DC10 Ibiza on Wednesdays the Dollz At Play have been ultra busy jet setting around the world to the far flung reaches of the planet, playing their own take on modern electronic dance music. Recently their travels have taken them as far as South America, North America & China as well as them hammering it all over Europe winning the hearts & minds of the dancing public as they go.

The Dollz are very friendly creatures who always take time to be a part of the culture by getting involved in the dance music community. This means they're not afraid of a proper jolly up on the dance floor & can be seen spinning & partying at all the best afters parties. Since their rise & rise, the Dollz At Play have been picked up by some of the best DJ agencies in the world including www.wildebooking.com worldwide, www.itb.co.uk for the UK & naomismart@gmail.com in Mexico. They've become a sensation not only in the UK we're these Latinas are based but also in Germany & France & continue to do 1 off shows in Italy, Holland, Belguim, Russia, Hong Kong & Spain among other countries. They've also managed to grace the front cover of DJ Mag with a cover mount CD on top of the countless interviews they've been doing for the worlds dance music press.

The Dollz love to glam it up but in the most fun way imaginable. They don't take themselves to seriously, for fun really is the name of the game. Their whole ethos on spinning records is about entertaining people while pushing the envelope of electronic music. This means they love to spend hours on their look before shows to make sure they truly are Dollz when they get behind the decks to mix up filthy underground electronic house music. What more could one wish for? Watching the Dollz At Play mixing it properly & having the maximum amount of fun in the process? Be a part of the Dollz at Play revolution...... The future is theirs, the future is now!

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