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From the classic garage anthem 'Rip Groove' to 'Sirens/We All Love Sax' to his huge Latin Inspired, 'It Just Won't Do' to the Bangra influences of "Mundaya" to rock bootlegs for White Stripes and Cold play... to his forthcoming album "Ego Death" (wait for it)... Tim Deluxe's productions are renowned for quality, diversity and above all, making them move...Deluxe grew up in North London. At 14 he gained a Saturday job in Time Is Right records, in Islington's Chapel Market and whilst there perfected mixing skills that, although he was still under 18, led him to a slot at Ministry of Sound standing in for CJ Mackintosh... And he rocked it...

In 1994, whilst still at the record shop, Deluxe met graphic designer Omar Amidora and hardcore label Boogie Beat, owner, Andy Lysandrou. Sharing the same enthusiasm and passion for music, the three decided to set up a label: Ice Cream Records. A certain inspiration of the speed garage movement: 'RIP Groove' under Deluxe and Amidora's Double 99' moniker being their most notable release in 1997. Between 1995 and 1998 Deluxe also put out releases: 'An American Adventure EP' and 'I Know' on Cross Section records - catering for the likes of Derrick May, Norman Jay, CJ Mackintosh, Erick Morillo and Darren Emerson.Whilst the label took off, between 1999 - 2000 Deluxe and Amidora recorded the album - '7th High', which included collaborations with Sneaker Pimps and Byron Stingily. Deluxe also cut countless remixes including Black Grape, Robert Miles, Mighty Dub Katz and Ultra Nate.In 2001, Deluxe went solo to pursue his individual sound.

His first track 'Sirens' was quickly picked up by Darren Emerson (after the two hooked-up and did some work together), for his Underwater imprint. The B-side 'We All Love Sax' was something Deluxe had written the previous year and had left in his studio gathering dust... One 'Essential New Tune' later and heralded as one of 2001's records of the year by every magazine, DJ and radio presenter - Deluxe was on the map - not only a solo artist, but also as a DJ.Fast forward to 2002 and Deluxe's follow-up solo single 'It Just Won't Do' (featuring Sam Obernik on vocals). The Latino influenced track came out of Miami as THE biggest tune (number one Miami Buzz Chart and Number One Muzik Miami Tune) and was supported by DJs across the spectrum - from Tong to Morillo to Cook, to radio support from Steve LaMacq, Jo Whiley, Nemone, Gilles Peterson and Sarah Cox, amongst others. Giving it an Ibiza run first, the track was released in July 2002 on Underwater and reached number 14 in the UK top 40 charts; it was acclaimed as one of the anthems of the summer 2002 - also gaining best Ibiza anthem at 2002's Muzik Awards. He remixed Kylie, Basement Jaxx and Lo-fidelity Allstars' and also mixed Underwater's first ever album release alongside Darren Emerson, a compilation entitled 'Underwater: Episode One'.Deluxe's DJing also took off in 2002; he had gigs throughout the UK and all over the world and was announced as an exclusive resident for the Subliminal/Underwater nights in Ibiza.2003 was all about taking it to the next level which is exactly what he did. The first seven months were spent creating his debut artist album 'The Little Ginger Club Kid' featuring Terra Deva (vocalist on Shake Down's 'At Night'), Sam Obernik (Barefoot), Ben Onono (co-wrote 'It Just Won't Do'), Bugsy and Shahin Badar (vox from Prodigy's 'Smack My Bitch Up'). The album became not only big in Europe but huge in Japan, selling over 25,000 copies. He became an exclusive resident for Underwater (every Tuesday at Pacha) - as both Subliminal and Underwater split and took on their own nights. He also debuted his live show at Pacha, bringing a live party carnival vibe to Pacha (something which Pacha now makes a regular feature - including with Kelis in 2005).

On the remix tip, Deluxe remixed Layo and Bushwacka's "Love Story" which took the track into the UK top 40.In 2004 Deluxe grew his hair and took things on a rock tip... producing bootlegs for the likes of White Stripes with "Seven Nation Army" (NME wanted to use it as the backing track to their awards ceremony but the Stripes declined), Coldplay's "God put a smile on my face" and Blur's "Song 2"... He was again resident at Pacha - this time biweekly - and also released tracks "Choose something like a star" (an Underworld inspired epic) and "Mundaya" (a Bangra influenced club track)from his album.In 2005, Deluxe took a step back from putting out music and took to the dancefloor to listen to some. He set up his own label AT Records and released two tracks - the underground, techno influenced "Reflections" and "I don't Care" - featuring Sam Obernik, the 101 dub of which is still selling now... both became select underground cuts...

And Deluxe took a breather..

Into 2006 and, at still only 28 years of age, Deluxe is taking it to another level once more... He is currently in the studio working on his new album "Ego Death", which is again a new direction. The taster track of the album "Espoo's Rose" (a deep, techno vibe) was released for only two weeks on Beatport.com and got people talking and downloading, he also only pressed up 750 (numbered) vinyl copies worldwide (try and find one now...). Deluxe also set up his own small monthly club-night in London's East End and invited Nic Fanciulli, Rui Da Silva, Switch, Serge Santiago and Talvin Singh, amongst others, down to play... Keeping it on the underground vibe... His album "Ego Death" will be released on AT records in September, when he will again be taking flight...So, to summarise, here you have a DJ and producer that opens his ears and his mind to the music going on around him, constantly evolving and never staying the same - always on the dancefloor and always searching out new music and a new direction to take his music.

Not many people do that.

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