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„Music means freedom to me and nowadays the influence of the music emerges in every single sphere.”



Manon made her first steps into the “World of Vinyl” at the age of seven when she spent her first savings to buy disks instead of dolls.


Music has become the most important thing in her life and she built up her whole social environment around. As luck would have it she got the opportunity to play her first records at her home base at the age of 15 years. Nowadays it’s getting clear that this first “steps” as a DJ finally were the beginning of her present carrier.


During her education in gastronomy Manon made her first attempts to illegal parties at the “Dampfzentrale” and the “Bluelight” in Berne/Switzerland. It was during this period that she discovered her passion about electronical music.

The founders of the “Bluelight” opened one of the first House and Techno locations in Berne, the “Aare Bar”. Manon has been working there for one year as leader of the bar.

After going abroad several months she came back and took over a bar of her parents. Chairs have been replaced by a DJ desk and a dance bar and after hour location was born in which well-known names from the national and international DJ scene were guests.


Zurich became the mecca of electronical music in Switzerland. Due to private and professional reasons Manon decided in 1993 to move to this city.


Because of her job at the record shop and her involvement in the legendary after hours at the “Oxa” in Zurich/Switzerland and the “Tarot Club Grodoonia” in Rumlang/Switzerland she finally decided to do her hobby as a profession.

Thanks to her first resident job at the “Kaufleuten” Club in Zurich and various gigs at insider parties of friends such as “Dekadance”, Massive Ursive Primitive” and “Life is a Bitch” she established her carrier in the Swiss and later on also in the international Dj scene.


It was in 1996 when Manon started producing and 1997/1998 her first production “Midweeker” has been released on the “Silvester Party Compilation” from Sensor Club/Switzerland.


The Chill Out production “The Fly” from 1998 has been published on (Muve, Zurich/Switzerland) in the same year and was followed by her mix compilation “Ossul El Dorado”.


In 1999 her first international release has been published. The record “Unwirklich” ( Gem Records, Frankfurt/Germany) has been licensed for different mix compilations. The latest licensing of “Unwirklich” has been realised in the summer 2005 for “Island- Vol.2” mixed by Paul Lomax, Ibiza/Spain.


2001 “Keep the Green Clean” ( Muve, Zurich/Switzerland) has been her last release before she made a longer break in producing due to familiar reasons.


Since 2005 she’s working more actively in the studio again.

In collaboration with Pascal Feos she published their joint record “Out of My Head” (Level Non Zero, Frankfurt/Germany).


In 2006 Manon’s first remix “Midnight of My Life” from Triosomie 21 (Chromo Music, Paris/France) has been released.


Until today Techno is still the base of Manon’s music. From Minimal to House and Electro her style developed hand in hand with the electronical music.


Small selection of favourites Gigs...


Dekadance/Vision Festival (Switzerland), Time Warp 2007/08 (Germany), Cocoon Club (Frankfurt/Germany), Watergate (Berlin/Germany), Space (Ibiza/Spain), Amnesia (Ibiza/Spain), Privilege ( Ibiza ), Notte Rosa 2007 (Genova/Italia) Rohstofflager (Zurich/Switzerland), Kaufleuten (Zurich/Switzerland), Hive (Zurich/Switzerland)...


Further information about Manon's actual releases, upcoming gigs and play list can be found on her homepage.








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